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Grand Cru Wineck Schlossberg

Sourced from the Wineck Schlossberg Grand Cru site (granitic soil with two types of micas where Riesling thrives). All vineyard work is done manually by hand because the slopes and terraces are not accessible by tractor.

Sight:  Pale yellow with bright streaks of green.

Nose: Aromas that explode with elegant and ethereal notes of flowers and citrus fruits (orange zest, bergamot).

Taste: Dry, with beautiful balance between minerality and acidity with an underlying tension.

       Elegant, Fine, Lively

Operating temperature

8 - 10 ° C

46 - 50 ° F



Aging potential

2 - 5 years

The Food Pairing

A very food-friendly wine, our Grand Cru Riesling pairs beautifully with oysters, shellfish, white meats, and escargot.

Huitres fraiches

In the vineyard

Photos to come ...

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